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FABTECH FINISHING Pavilion Exhibitor List


You can view the FINISHING Pavilion on the overall FABTECH 2016 Floor Plan by clicking here.  The CCAI FINISHING Pavilion is located on the bottom of the floor plan outlined in green.

  = CCAI Platinum Corporate Member

  = CCAI Gold Corporate Member

  = CCAI Standard Corporate Member

  ACT Test Panels, LLC
Adhesive Systems, Inc.
AFC Finishing Systems
  AkzoNobel Powder Coatings
Alconox, Inc.
Alliance Manufacturing Inc.
  American Finishing Resources
American Industrial Sales, LLC
Amiberica, Inc.
Anest Iwata USA
APE Companies
Apel International
Argon Masking Corp.
Arkema Inc.
Asterion LLC
  Axalta Coating Systems
AZZ Galvanizing
Baril Coatings USA
  BASF Corp.
Blast Cleaning Technologies - div of Metcast
Blastechnik Pte. Ltd. 
Blastman Robotics Ltd.
Bulk Chemicals, Inc.
  Calvary Industries Inc.
Canadian Finishing & Coatings Manufacturing
Caplugs, Inc.
Castrol North America
Cataforesis S.A. de C.V.
Catalytic Combustion
Catalytic Industrial Systems
Cefla North America
Chameleon Innovations
ClearClad Coatings, LLC
Clemco Danmark A/S
Chemtec North America 
  Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions
Columbus Industries, Inc.
Combustion and Systems, Inc.
  Coral Chemical Co.
Custom Fabricating & Supplies
Daifuku North America
Decoral Systems USA Corp
  DeFelsko Corporation
  Dinamec Systems
DMP Corporation
Dosatron International
Doucet Machineries Inc.
  DuBois Chemicals
Durr Systems, Inc.
  Echo Engineering & Production Supplies, Inc.
Eisenmann Corp.
Elcometer Inc.
The Electrocoat Association
Ellis Paint Company
Empire Abrasive Equipment Co.
  Engineered Finishing Systems
Enhancement Technologies/ Miroglio 
EPSI Masking Co.
Ervin Industries, Inc.
Euroimpianti SRL
Eurosider S a s
  EXEL North America
Express Chem LLC
Fairsky Industrial
 Filtermedia SRL
  Finishing Brands
Fischer Technology Inc.
Fluke Corporation
Fluke Process Instruments
  Fostoria Process Equipment, div. of TPI Corp.
Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc.
  General Automatic Transfer Co.
General Fabrications Corp.
Gibson Abrasive Equipment, LLC
  Global Finishing Solutions LLC
Goff Inc.
Graco Inc.
Guspro, Inc.
Hafco Vac
Hammond Roto-Finish
Hedson Technologies NA
  Henkel Corp.
  Hentzen Coatings Inc.
  Heraeus Noblelight America LLC
Herr Industrial, Inc.
Houghton International - Surface Finishing
  Hubbard-Hall Inc.
IFS Coatings, Inc.
  IGP North America
IHI Ionbond Inc.
Intek Corporation
International Thermal Systems, LLC
IST International Surface Technologies
Jamestown Coating Technologies
Keyence Corp. of America
Keyland Polymer
Klinger Paint Co.
  George Koch Sons, LLC
  Kolene Corporation
LPI, Inc. - LDPI, Inc.
  Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp.
Main Tape
Metal Coaters
MetoKote Corp.
Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc.
  Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc.
  Mighty Hook Inc.
  Nordson Corp.
Parker Ionics
Peening Technologies
PhoenixTM LLC
The Plotter Store
  Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC
Polifilm America
Pollution Control Products Co.
Polymer Molding, Inc.
Powder Coating
The Powder Coating Institute
Powder Parts, Inc.
PPG Industries, Inc.
Precision Quincy Ovens LLC
  Pretreatment Equipment Manufacturing Inc.
  Products Finishing Magazine
Prona Tools Inc.
Protech Powder Coatings
Quaker Chemical Corp.
QuickLabel Systems
Raptor Blasting Systems
Reading Technologies inc.
  Reliant Finishing Systems
Rhodes Systems International, Inc.
  Richards-Wilcox, Inc.
Roberts Sinto Corporation
RRAMAC Connected Systems
Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd., SD Solution Dept.
Sata Spray Equipment
Sculpt Nouveau
Selas Heat Technology
  The Sherwin-Williams Co.
sia Abrasives
Southern Systems, Inc.
Spray Systems, Inc.
SprayTech / Junair
Stanza Machinery, Inc.
SuperMax Tools
System Technologies, Inc.
Teflon Industrial Coatings & TCI Powder
  Therma-Tron-X, Inc.
Transmet Corporation
  Trimac Industrial Systems
Uni-Spray Systems Inc.
United Industries, Inc.
United Surface Solutions, LLC
V & S Galvanizing LLC
Valmont Coatings
Vincent Clad Metals Corp.
VitaFlex LLC
Vitracoat America Inc.
  Vogel Industrial Coatings
VSM Abrasives Corp.
Vulkan Blast Shot Technology
W Abrasives 
  Wagner Systems Inc.
  Walther Pilot North America
  Webb-Stiles Company
Yingtan Jiangnan Copper Industry