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Industry News from our Publication Partner - Products Finishing

Survey: On-Time Delivery RateOpen in a New Window

  On-time delivery rate is a crucial factor in customer service when it comes to the finishing industry. In our Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for electroplaters, the top 20 percent of shops had a 99.0 percent on-time rate; all other shops had a 90.0 percent on-time rate. The average was 93.9 and the median was 96.7 percent. 


Asterion White Paper Details How Water Selection Impacts the Plating ProcessOpen in a New Window

Asterion has published a white paper, “Water and the Plating Process,” authored by technical sales engineer Jake Fisher, which details how water plays an integral and critical role in the plating process.   Fisher says the paper offers guidance on the selection and use of three types of water: hard, soft and purified. It also details how each interacts in distinct and important ways when used in a rinse tank or process solution. The impact of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) contained within each water type, as well as cost implications is also reviewed.   “Understanding the advantages and limitations of each water type significantly contributes towards optimizing performance of the entire plating line," says Roger Sowinski, Asterion’s Vice President Technology. "The white paper has proven to be a highly coveted and requested resource by our valued customers and supplier partners.”     To download a copy of the paper click here or contact


ResinTech Inc. expands into CamdenOpen in a New Window

ResinTech Inc. announces plans to relocate its corporate headquarters and build two new manufacturing plants in Camden, NJ. The move will allow the water treatment and filtration company to bring over 250 jobs to Camden, adding 55 employees to staff the new manufacturing facility. “Our vision for the project is to create a campus environment where our businesses can be housed in close proximity and benefit from shared resources,” says Jeffrey Gottlieb, CEO of ResinTech, parent company to Action-Pak (Bristol, PA), ACM Technologies (Forest Hill, MD) Aries FilterWorks (Berlin, NJ) and VMX Technologies (Berlin, NJ). The announcement followed the approval of about $138 million in tax credits by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) during its monthly board meeting on Oct. 14.  Gottlieb hopes to break ground on the new manufacturing complex in late 2017. “We are excited about the unique opportunity presented by the NJEDA,” Jeffrey Gottlieb says. “The NJ Grow Program will allow ResinTech to not only consolidate its out of state operations into New Jersey but also to expand its existing business, and construct the first new plant to produce and manufacture ion exchange resins in the United States in nearly 30 years.”    For more information, go to 


Nordson Hosts 2016 Distributor SummitOpen in a New Window

Nordson Corporation, a leading supplier of precision powder application, liquid painting and ultraviolet (UV) curing technologies for industrial applications, recently hosted its first Distributor Summit. This event gathered Nordson’s liquid and powder distributor network at the company’s Amherst, Ohio, campus, and offered instructional sessions, lab and facility tours and hands-on training for the latest Nordson application technologies. More than 50 distributors attended the event, which was held over three days. Distributors received detailed instruction on Nordson capabilities for powder, liquid and UV curing, including booths, guns, controls and curing ovens. A discussion on emerging markets and industry resources also took place.   In addition to classroom and hands-on training sessions, participants toured the Nordson facilities. This included the labs, engineering assembly and staging, machining services and engineering.  Visit Nordon on the web at     


Mecaplast Group Purchases Key Plastics CorporationOpen in a New Window

Mecaplast Group, a global supplier of plastic components for the automotive industry, announced earlier this month that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Key Plastics Corporation, a leading manufacturer of automotive interior, exterior and under-the-hood plastic components. Through the transaction, Mecaplast Group will expand its presence in key markets in countries such as the United States, Germany and China, and aims to diversify its customer portfolio. The combined Mecaplast and Key Plastics groups will service all major global automotive manufacturers from facilities in virtually every major international market, offering  a broad portfolio of product capabilities.  Closing of the transaction is subject to approvals by competition authorities in certain countries and other customary closing conditions. For more information, go to 


Hubbard-Hall Awarded 2016 Top Workplaces honorOpen in a New Window

    Hubbard-Hall has been awarded a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by Hearst Media Services. The Top Workplaces lists are based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by WorkplaceDynamics, LLC, a leading research firm that specializes in organizational health and workplace improvement. Several aspects of workplace culture were measured, including Alignment, Execution, and Connection, just to name a few.   “The Top Workplaces award is not a popularity contest. And oftentimes, people assume it’s all about fancy perks and benefits.” says Doug Claffey, CEO of WorkplaceDynamics. “But to be a Top Workplace, organizations must meet our strict standards for organizational health. And who better to ask about work life than the people who live the culture every day—the employees. Time and time again, our research has proven that what’s most important to them is a strong belief in where the organization is headed, how it’s going to get there, and the feeling that everyone is in it together. Claffey adds, “Without this sense of connection, an organization doesn’t have a shot at being named a Top Workplace.”   As a Lean company, Hubbard-Hall’s mantra is “Better, Safer, Faster” with a premium on personal growth and continuous improvement.    “Our company’s success starts and ends with our people,” affirmed Hubbard-Hall President and CEO Molly Kellogg. “We have a talented and progressive team in place and we are thrilled to be receiving this recognition.”   This year marks Hubbard-Hall’s second receipt of the Top Workplace Award, following a previous win in 2011.


Plating Baths Come Under EPA Form R Review AgainOpen in a New Window

  Donald Gallo / Attorney / Husch Blackwell   A Wisconsin attorney specializing in environmental law says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is enforcing reporting Form R threshold determinations for electroplating baths, and says shops should be aware of the emphasis. The regulations are outlined in Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986, but attorney Donald Gallo said he is seeing more cases of the EPA asking shops for the paperwork that reports released hazardous substances by shops that meet certain criteria. Documentation plays a major role in the success of a plating shop, and Gallo says calculations are often times theoretical. “The compounds formed in the process are not easily recognized and often times, you can’t accurately measure them,” Gallo says, “but you can try to quantify them to determine whether you cross the threshold or not.” Many of the chemical compounds are produced in a variety of intricate chemical reactions occurring just beneath the surface, and are listed under the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) program. But calculating these thresholds are not always straightforward.   The Act requires the reporting of released hazardous substances by shops with 10 or more full-time employees; is covered by certain SIC codes; meets one of the criteria set forth in 40 C.F.R. § 372.22(b)(1)-(3); and that manufactures, processes or otherwise uses a toxic chemical in an amount exceeding an applicable threshold quantity of that chemical during a calendar year. Facilities can report such releases using a toxic chemical release inventory form (Form R) that must be submitted to the EPA and the state. For electroplaters, these regulations require accurate documentation of threshold determinations and the release of hazardous substances. Companies that are not aware of the Act’s regulations—and how to abide by them—are at risk for violation.   It's a two-step process, Gallo says. First, a company calculates the formation of the chemical compound and then totals those compounds, measuring them against threshold regulations. If a threshold has been crossed, the second step is to report it.  “Where companies go off the track is when they are not calculating the compounds correctly,” Gallo says. “If calculations are incorrect, they might not even be aware they’re over the threshold.”    These regulations are far from new. Toxic release documentation has been an increasing issue for the last 20 years and continues to grow. Larry Dietz, general manager of Professional Plating in Brillion, Wisconsin, says his shop has not been asked about Form R requirements. “We have seen the EPA over time add areas of questions where they are seeking to have companies tell them what they are dong to reduce the amounts,” Dietz says.  “And that good thing. We faithfully fill the forms out and submit with detailed regularity.”   Last December, the EPA announced initiatives to modernize its self-disclosure policies, allowing business to resolve violations through its online automated eDisclosure system. Several resources, like these, are available for businesses that need them or not.  “This is an awareness issue,” Gallo says. EPA’s educational resources and self-policing incentives are opportunities to discover the inaccuracies and violations before they happen.   For more information, visit   Originally published in the October 2016 issue.     


NASF Report October 2016: The Surface Technology Environmental Resource CenterOpen in a New Window

    NASF will host former Disney executive and acclaimed leadership and management speaker Lee Cockerell at the association’s Leadership Conference next spring. Lee retired as the executive vice president of operations for the Walt Disney World Resort after managing a giant organization including 20 resort hotels with over 24,000 guest rooms, four theme parks, two water parks, five golf courses, the ESPN Sports Complex and more. Prior to joining the Walt Disney World Co., he held various executive positions with the Marriott Corp. and management positions with Hilton Hotels.  The NASF Leadership Conference will be held at the La Playa Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida, February 26 through March 2, 2017. Planning is underway for the event, so stay tuned for updates through the fall. For questions or more information, please contact Cheryl Clark at, or go to the “events” tab at "Lee Cockerell is one of the most impressive leaders that I have seen in any environment….. And I have seen some really good ones. Simply put, he is absolutely brilliant. Lee is an inspirational leader who demonstrates a gift for building teams. His ability to communicate his philosophy of leadership in a way that is easily embraced by others is extraordinary. Lee’s strongest traits, however, is that he leads by example. He has been exceptionally successful in every endeavor because he actually lives by those principles outlined in his philosophy. The leadership community will benefit immensely from his thoughts."  - General Lloyd J. Austin III, Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army      EPA Enforcement for Plating Operations: Reporting on “Manufactured Metal Compounds” The U.S. EPA recently brought an enforcement action against a surface finishing operation regarding reporting obligations under the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Form R, specifically as it relates to coincidentally manufactured metal compounds. EPA’s enforcement position is not new, dating back nearly a decade. Nonetheless, EPA cited the facility for failing to calculate and document accurately threshold determinations of certain manufactured metal compounds.  In the process of plating metal onto parts, intermediate metal compounds are formed and unformed through chemical reactions in the plating bath. EPA refers to this as coincidental manufactured of metal compounds. These manufactured metal compounds must be calculated in determining the threshold reporting amounts of chemical compounds that are manufactured, processed or otherwise used. Failing to include these manufactured compounds in your Form R threshold determinations could result in an inaccurate TRI report. To clarify the complex reporting requirements associated with manufactured metal compounds, NASF has provided guidance and other tools to assist members with this obligation and will be hosting a webinar on the topic this fall.      New White House Guidance for Permits Calls for Assessing Climate Change Impacts On August 1, the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) released final guidance on when federal agencies should consider the impacts from climate change for environmental impact analysis pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). For example, permit renewals or construction approvals may trigger the NEPA requirements. Specifically, the guidance requires federal agencies to evaluate proposed actions for the potential impacts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change. Each federal agency is to use its own expertise to assess potential impacts and mitigation options.  Agencies are required to consider reasonable alternatives to reduce action-related GHG and climate change issues and could impose measures that reduce or mitigate GHG emissions or potential climate change impacts before finalizing the proposed action. This guidance demonstrates the Obama Administration’s legacy in elevating the importance of GHG emission and climate change impacts on nearly all related activities.   For more information on either of these topics, please contact Jeff Hannapel with NASF at      Originally published in the October 2016 issue.         


George Viola Joins American Plating Power TeamOpen in a New Window

  George Viola joins American Plating Power as a senior applications engineer. American Plating Power manufacturers and distributes an expansive line of switch mode and SCR-style DC power supplies for a wide variety of manufacturing processes.    Viola’s experience includes all aspects of rectifier engineering, applications, and sales. After receiving an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Hartford, he began work at his uncle's DC power supply company and has continued to work in the rectifier business ever since.    "We are extremely excited to have George on board here at American Plating Power”, says Waasy Boddison, President of American Plating Power. "George's rectifier expertise and strong process knowledge, as well as his extensive industry relationships, are second to none.”  Viola's primary focus is to provide customers with technical expertise and support, as well as new business development.   For more information, visit         


Stratus Technologies Now A Kyzen DistributorOpen in a New Window

Stratus Technologies is now distributing Kyzen’s specialty industrial cleaning products. The company will promote, sell and support Kyzen’s full range of high-performance cleaning products throughout the United States, including aqueous and solvents chemistries and corrosion inhibitors. Additionally, Stratus Technologies will now draw on Kyzen’s technical resources in support.   Based in Connecticut, Stratus Technologies has been serving the industrial market for over 10 years and offers an extensive line of equipment, parts, and supplies.   Stratus is a full line distributor of abrasive air blast, wheel blast, vibratory tumbling and parts cleaning equipment, providing standard off-the-shelf equipment as well as customized semi-automated to fully automated systems.    “We are pleased to have the Stratus Technologies team working on behalf of Kyzen in the Northeast,” said Chuck Sexton, Kyzen’s Industrial Global Product Line Manager. “Kyzen is focused on the critical juncture where science and care converge to bring world-class technology and service to our customers. Stratus Technologies shares our passion about adding value to our customers’ operations, and we look forward to working together.”   For information, visit