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Industry News from our Publication Partner - Products Finishing

Stratus Technologies Now A Kyzen DistributorOpen in a New Window

Stratus Technologies is now distributing Kyzen’s specialty industrial cleaning products. The company will promote, sell and support Kyzen’s full range of high-performance cleaning products throughout the United States, including aqueous and solvents chemistries and corrosion inhibitors. Additionally, Stratus Technologies will now draw on Kyzen’s technical resources in support.   Based in Connecticut, Stratus Technologies has been serving the industrial market for over 10 years and offers an extensive line of equipment, parts, and supplies.   Stratus is a full line distributor of abrasive air blast, wheel blast, vibratory tumbling and parts cleaning equipment, providing standard off-the-shelf equipment as well as customized semi-automated to fully automated systems.    “We are pleased to have the Stratus Technologies team working on behalf of Kyzen in the Northeast,” said Chuck Sexton, Kyzen’s Industrial Global Product Line Manager. “Kyzen is focused on the critical juncture where science and care converge to bring world-class technology and service to our customers. Stratus Technologies shares our passion about adding value to our customers’ operations, and we look forward to working together.”   For information, visit  


Asterion New Sample Submission Process Delivers Enhanced Customer ExperienceOpen in a New Window

    Asterion offers a sample analysis submission process for the company’s proprietary plating and pretreatment chemistries. Designed to ensure ease-of-use and quick customer response, the submission process meets growing customer requirements to optimize plating line efficiency and productivity at a low cost of ownership.   The company says that customers may submit up to 10 sample requests per submission; every sample is assigned an identifier number for testing at Asterion’s advanced analytical laboratory. Free sample submission kits are offered to customers, which includes all required packing materials and shipping documentation that are specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements.   “The new sample submission process further addresses our customers’ increasing and often more sophisticated analytical testing requests to ensure all processes are operating at optimum capacity and performance," said Neil Goodnight, director of Asterion's technical sercices. "We are immediately witnessing the value created for our customers by offering this easy-to-use submission process. Asterion remains committed to continually optimizing sample analysis and submission procedures, as we diligently adapt to the challenges of the market.”   The Asterion analytical laboratory performs a range of chemical analysis that complies with industry standards and government regulations.  Testing includes chemical composition and trace analysis to determine composition, impurities and overall chemical quality for a diversity of applications. The laboratory also houses instrumentation to quickly identify and resolve contamination issues, determine sample make-up and provide metal substrate testing and analysis.   For information, visit


IHEA’s Online Learning Course Begins Oct. 17Open in a New Window

Ther Industrial Heating Equipment Association’s Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating online learning course is scheduled to begin on Oct. 17.   This course is for students who wish to take the course at home or work in a flexible web-based distance-learning format, and allows students to go at their own pace.    The course offers a tool to industrial process heating operators and users of all types of industrial heating equipment.  In the instructor-led, interactive online course, students learn safe, efficient operation of industrial heating equipment, how to reduce energy consumption and ways to improve their bottom-line.   This class provides an overview of the fundamentals of heat transfer, fuels and combustion, energy use, furnace design, refractories, automatic control, and atmospheres as applied to industrial process heating.  Students will gain a basic understanding of heat transfer principles, fuels and combustion equipment, electric heating, and instrumentation and control for efficient operation of furnaces and ovens in process heating.  For complete course description, visit and click the Events tab to find the class.  Students will also earn PDH’s for passing the course.    This course is led by industry expert, Max Hoetzl, retired Vice President of Surface Combustion.  Max brings more than 40 years’ experience in the combustion industry to IHEA's online course.   This is a 6-week online course beginning on Oct. 17. Registration fee includes course instruction, live interaction with the trainer, class forums to interact with other students, plus an electronic copy of IHEA's Fundamentals of Process Heating Course Handbook.  Registration is open now through Oct. 14 at  Click the Fundamentals of Industrial Heating Online Course button on the right side of the homepage.  Cost for IHEA members is $700 and non-members is $875.  


Electrocoat Association Launches New WebsiteOpen in a New Window

  The Electrocoat Association has launched a new website.  The updated design and functionality reflects the organization’s brand and objectives as it works to enhance its presence in the finishing industry, said Karen McGlothlin, executive director.    Anyone interested in electrocoat and what’s going on in the industry should visit  


Dr. John Durkee, precision cleaning expert, passes at 75Open in a New Window

    Dr. John Durkee, an expert in precision cleaning for several decades and a well-known speaker on the subject, passed away Sept. 5 in Kerrville, Texas at the age of 75. Widely considered an unbiased educator in the field of cleaning science and technology, Durkee presented courses and workshops on cleaning across the U.S. and in Canada. He also taught multi-day courses on the subject of surface finishing. His publications include The Parts Cleaning Handbook Without CFCs: How to Manage the Change (Gardner, 1994), which continues to sell in countries only now beginning to phase out CFCs; Management of Industrial Cleaning Technology and Processes (Elsevier, 2006); The Science and Technology of Solvent Cleaning (Elsevier, 2012); and The Handbook of Solvent Cleaning, (Elsevier, 2013). Durkee provided objective monthly columns about cleaning science, technology, and markets to periodicals including: Controlled Environments Magazine, Clean-Tech, Galvanotechnik (Germany), Metal Finishing, Precision Cleaning, Process Cleaning, and Surface Finishing Journal (China). Durkee was born in 1940 in the Pocono Mountains area of Eastern Pennsylvania. He received his bachelor of science, master of science and doctoral degrees from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and was a registered professional engineer (P.E.) in Texas where he has lived most of his post-graduation life. While employed for 25 years by DuPont-Nemours, his contributions included research and development in polymers, industrial chemicals, and instrumentation, and in the development of replacement cleaning products and systems for CFC-113. After retiring from DuPont-Nemours in 1993, Durkee served as an independent consultant, author, and educator working with both end users and suppliers.     Durkee’s friend, Joe McChesney from Kyzen, penned this tribute to him:   Those of us in the cleaning industry are saddened with this loss of a quality individual. From the small shops to the large corporations … from the process operator to the facility engineer … from the equipment manufacturers to chemical suppliers to environmental regulatory organizations … all knew they could count on John to offer advice, assistance, or his opinion on any subject they brought to him. When you met John- you got 2 things: 1.         A big warm smile 2.         A firm handshake John would then get down to business. He would listen intently and then offer an honest unbiased assessment of the subject based on his experience and expertise. John instilled confidence in his abilities to everyone that worked with him. For decades, he has mentored the cleaning industry and many individuals (me being one) in the art of cleaning processes and results of such. A great technical writer and even better contributor to the betterment of his profession. John gave a lot of himself to this industry he loved. I approached John some months back about a project I was working on for my company. He had slowed down in his later years. Ever the gentleman, he politely refused the project due to health but informed me he would be happy to review / critique my work. John was always willing to help a friend any way possible. It was my pleasure to work with John for many years. It was my honor to be his friend. Joe McChesney KYZEN Corporation Footnote: Knowing John – he is already at work writing the cleaning specifications for the PEARLY GATES – making sure they are ready for the next generation that enters.    


Chemeon Names Dr. Sjon Westre as Technology Vice PresidentOpen in a New Window

  Chemeon Surface Technology has named Dr. Sjon Westre vice president of technology for. He has an emphasis on anodizing and conversion coating solutions for the semiconductor and aerospace industries.   Dr. Westre will lead Chemeon's development of environmentally responsible coating and seal alternatives to hexavalent chrome for use on light metals.  Company officials say his focus will include the creation and optimization of new conversion coating and anodizing chemistries and processes, development of analytical procedures, and management of the Chemeon Laboratory, Training Center and Technical Support Group. Dr. Westre will also oversee the expansion of the Chemeon laboratory team to accommodate the growing demand for Chemeon Research and Development of advanced corrosion protection surface technology.   “We look forward to Dr. Westre leveraging his knowledge of environmentally responsible surface technology and his passion for innovation to focus on solutions for our global client base of prime contractors, OEM, military, captive and job shops, as they look to meet the EU sunset date September 2017," said Madylon Meiling, Ph.D., CEO of Chemeon. "Sjon's experience in the light metal finishing industry is unparalleled, and Sjon’s leadership style is collaborative, process-focused, and analytical. We are excited about Sjon’s expansion of the Chemeon R&D team, taking projects from innovation to commercialization, and exceeding expectations.”   Dr. Westre received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California at Davis and a BS degree in chemistry with a physics minor from Cal State, Sacramento. Prior to joining the Chemeon team, Dr. Westre spent the last decade as senior scientist for Modern Industries in Phoenix, where Chemeon chemistry and technology has been in use for a number for years. Prior to that, Dr. Westre was technical director of Metalast International, where his innovations included anodizing process development and QPL certification for the patented trivalent chrome pretreatment that is now known industry-wide as Chemeon TCP-HF.   For information, visit


Parker Ionics Names Rick Smith Regional Sales ManagerOpen in a New Window

Parker Ionics has named Rick Smith regional sales manager for the northwest part of the U.S.  Smith has been involved for more than 20 years in almost every facet of the finishing industry and company officials say he brings a wealth of knowledge and powder specific experience.   “We are extremely pleased to have Rick join our organization," said John Cole, president of Parker Ionic. "His vast knowledge of the powder industry will prove to be a value added benefit for present and future users of Parker Ionics equipment and booths.  Rick joining our organization further validates the value of our commitment to the Powder Coating industry.”   Smith has a wide-range of expertise in marketing, sales management, customer relations and industry networking. He has held regional sales positions for several leading powder manufacturers/suppliers.  Parker said Smith is an award winning sales professional he has a history of delivering value to his customers through his “all-in” dedication to their needs and success.    Parker Ionics is a leading supplier of powder coating application equipment and recovery booths.  Their line of Pulse Power Advanced Corona Charging Technology products provides powder coaters with one of the highest transfer efficiencies on the most difficult powder coating applications.    For more information, visit


Frechette joins Hubbard-Hall as Market Manager of Non-ferrous MetalsOpen in a New Window

Mike Frechette   Hubbard-Hall, an industrial chemical supplier, hired Mike Frechette as market manager of non-ferrous metals.   Frechette’s responsibilities include analyzing Hubbard-Hall’s current product line, providing recommendations for products to be sourced or added, and developing new sales and market strategies for the company’s diverse range of products.    “Mike brings over 25 years’ experience helping companies achieve savings through effective use of chemistry,” said Scott Papst, Southeast Sales Director. “Mike will be working with both direct sales team and our distributors to help our customers increase process efficiencies.”    Frechette earned a degree in electrical engineering from Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and comes to the company with over 10 years of experience in a variety of engineering and operational positions at Danaher Inc. He then made a transition to REM Surface Engineering in 2000, working his way up from Sales Engineer to Director of Sales and Marketing.     Non-ferrous or “soft” metals are an increasingly important element of the manufacturing process. For example, their light weight currently drives the demand for them in the transportation industry. This market growth and ever-changing environmental standards makes it critical that manufacturers have products designed specifically for this market. Hubbard-Hall provides manufacturers with a dedicated line of surface preparation products including cleaners, metal cooling, deoxiders, and corrosion inhibitors.       


Hubbard-Hall Wins Prestigious United Way of Greater Waterbury’s Spirit of ExcellenceOpen in a New Window

Hubbard-Hall President and CEO Molly Kellogg accepts the Spirit of Excellence award for employee-driven campaign that raised over $37,000.   Chemical manufacturer and distributor Hubbard-Hall was awarded the United Way of Greater Waterbury’s Spirit of Excellence award at the charity’s annual Community Leaders Dinner.   The company was recognized for its outstanding employee-driven effort which succeeded in raising over $37,000 in addition to a generous $30,000 corporate gift. The Hubbard-Hall campaign demonstrated a 26% increase in average gifts over the previous year, with an impressive 58% employee participation rate across the board. Hubbard-Hall was also recognized for its eleven Leadership Donors on staff, as well as the company’s active participation in the annual Stock the Pantry food drive and other United Way efforts.   The award was accepted by Hubbard-Hall President and CEO Molly Kellogg. Kellogg reflected upon Hubbard-Hall’s origins in the Waterbury community, as well as her family’s longtime history with both the company and United Way. “If you’re going to give, give locally,” she said, recalling advice given by her father. “You have an obligation to support the community that you live in, and the community that you work in.” Kellogg went on to reaffirm the need to “give locally, give until it hurts, and give a hand up.”


Keco Coatings Get ISO9001-2015 CertifiedOpen in a New Window

  Keco Coatings in Indianapolis, Indiana has been certified to ISO9001-2015.   Founded in 1979, Keco Coatings specializess in custom services such as research and development prototype, and distinct production categories. They are one of 26 DuPont Teflon licensed industrial applicators in the U.S. The range of technologies Keco offers include a full line of signature products, with applications of non-stick liquids and powders, conductive non-stick, dry film lube, ceramic, corrosion resistant, plasma, thermal barrier, and Kephos.    “Although we could have opted to renew our ISO9001-2008 certification, we decided as a team to forgo that option and make a commitment to become certified to the ISO9001-2015 International Quality Standard," said Mike Klinge, president of Keco Coatings. "The new standard is somewhat of a risk–based approach to management. Keco Coatings will leverage the ISO9001-2015 certification to develop a platform which enables us to convert challenges into opportunities for our customers and partners as well”