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CCAI Careers in Finishing

Interested in a career in finishing?  Click here to learn about careers in the finishing industry and join CCAI as a Student member to get involved in the industry now!

In the Careers in Finishing Brochure you will find the Finishing Challenge.  Don't peek at the answers below before viewing the brochure!  Stop back to check how well you could identify the products after you view the brochure.




Were you able to successfully identify all the products that have a finish on them?  Answers below:

     1)  Riding Lawn Mower
     2)  Barbecue Grill
     3)  Bathroom Faucet Fixture
     4)  Tool Box
     6)  Boat and Trailer
      6)  Refrigerator
     7)  Air Compressor
     8)  Storage Shelving
     9)  Window or Door Frame
     10)  Hot Water Heater
     11)  Hammer
     12) Oven Range