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The James & David Wright Lifetime Achievement Award

CCAI created a Lifetime Achievement Award to honor members who have provided years of service to CCAI, contributing to the finishing industry through education, serving as an ambassador and going above and beyond for their chapter, fellow members and the industry as a whole. The award is named for the late father & son, James F. Wright and David Wright, who were instrumental building of the association and a very active and strong supporter of the organization.  Both James & David were instrumental in developing the Wisconsin Chapter and tirelessly volunteered to help this chapter succeed. An award named after the Wrights is an appropriate way to remember their dedication, passion and contributions to the CCAI.

The following individuals have been honored with the James & David Wright Lifetime Achievement Award:

Sam Woehler, George Koch Sons LLC

2019 - Sam Woehler, George Koch Sons LLC

The prestigious James F. & David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award continues to be CCAI’s highest honor and is awarded to deserving members of the association who have dedicated years of service to CCAI and the industrial finishing industry. This year, Sam Woehler of George Koch Sons LLC was named the recipient of this significant honor. Sam has been a member of CCAI for 14 years, serving on the National Board of Directors for the past 13 years.

He has served in all officer positions and was the CCAI National President from 2012-2014. He was instrumental in launching the newly-founded CCAI Finishing Education Foundation, contributed as an author of several CCAI training manuals and was heavily involved in the research and decision for CCAI to become a partner of FABTECH. As a CCAI Corporate member contact, he ensures his company supports all CCAI programming, chapters, events and initiatives and encourages staff participation. Woehler’s guidance and demeanor over the years have been a tremendous asset in helping CCAI move to the next level.

Sam graciously accepted this award and commented, "I treasure my experience with CCAI. Learning from and working with knowledgeable and committed professionals who are willing to share expertise and improve our industry, do things the right way, is energizing. To be recognized among this group is a tremendous and completely unexpected honor."

2018 - Rex Winemiller, Central Illinois Chapter

CCAI’s highest honor, the prestigious James F. & David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented to Rex Winemiller.  Rex was a member of CCAI for 26 years, where he served on the National Board of Directors from 1989-1994, held all officer positions, and was National president in 1991-92.  During his year as president, he visited all of CCAI’s regional chapters as an ambassador for the association’s mission.  In the early 1990’s he was the CCAI Finance Chairman and was instrumental in launching the CCAI Scholarship Program.  He led the initiative to convert CCAI finances over to the electronic era.  Rex was an active member until his retirement in 2016.  Upon receiving this award Rex commented, “Unfortunately, I never met Jim Wright, but I worked with Dave Wright on the CCAI National Board and various other industry events.  The Wrights were truly leaders in the coating industry and were dedicated to the CCAI mission.  It humbles me to be honored with this award in their name along with the great list of previous outstanding award recipients.  I would like to thank everyone involved who made this event so memorable.”

2017 - Kevin Coursin, Northern Illinois Chapter

CCAI’s highest accolade, the prestigious James F. & David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented to Kevin Coursin of Engineered Finishing Systems in 2017 for his dedication and commitment to CCAI.  Kevin joined CCAI in 2003, and has been incredibly active.  He has served his chapter as treasurer and has been a member of the chapter board for many years. Kevin regularly attends chapter events and ensures his staff is involved in all chapter events and activities.  In addition to supporting his local chapter, Kevin has served on the CCAI National Board for ten years; he has served in all of the National officer’s positions; including National President.  Kevin is currently serving as chair of CCAI’s Membership Committee.  Kevin has also presented at numerous CCAI conferences and training seminars.  Upon receipt of this respected award, Kevin remarked "I would like to thank CCAI for bestowing the James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award upon me.  It is a great feeling to be recognized by your peers for work put in on behalf of the organization.  It is a great honor to be counted among the best in the finishing industry who have already received this award.  We, and all the staff at CCAI continuously work towards a common goal of improving our industry.  I hope to continue to serve CCAI for many years and help the association achieve many more of our goals. 

2016 - John Sudges, Northern Illinois Chapter

CCAI's highest honor in 2016 went to John Sudges of Midwest Finishing Systems.  He was presented with the James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of dedication to CCAI. John served as the Northern Illinois Chapter president for many years and provides countless hours of support in coordinating chapter events and educational programs.  On the national level, John has served in all officer roles, including two years as the CCAI National President, as well as several years on the board of directors.  John joined CCAI 18 years ago and continues to support CCAI's efforts by presenting at seminars, webinars and FABTECH.  After receiving the accolade, John remarked, “What an honor to be awarded the James & David Wright Lifetime Achievement Award. It is truly humbling to be given such a prestigious award and to be recognized by your peers. To be grouped with the past honorees of this award is truly an honor that I will not take lightly and I am proud to be among them. CCAI has had a significant impact on me, not only in my profession, but also personally." 


2015 - Robert New, Wisconsin Chapter

Bob New (pictured in middle)

CCAI announced Robert New as the posthumous winner of its highest honor, the 2015 CCAI James and David Wright Lifetime Achievement Award. Bob was a member of the CCAI Wisconsin Chapter and worked at Broan Manufacturing. He was a longtime CCAI champion who served on the chapter board, organized chapter golf outings each year and committed his career to electrocoating processes and improvements for his company. He truly believed in CCAI's mission and worked hard to promote the association.

Wisconsin chapter member, Larry Melgary remembers Bob, "If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of gentleman, Bob's picture would be there. Bob was always enthusiastically contributing to the boards he served on, both the National and Wisconsin boards. Bob was the perfect example of chemical coater user of the year, which he won several times for the tours and support he and his company, Broan, gave to educating others in electrostatic spray and e-coat applications. He was an outstanding ambassador for CCAI." The Wisconsin Chapter presented the award to his family at their annual golf outing this month.

2014 - Sherrill Stoenner, Central States Chapter

Sherrill Stoenner of Stoenner Finishing Consultants and a member of the CCAI Central States Chapter was was honored with the James F. and David J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of dedication to CCAI. Sherrill was instrumental in the startup of the Central States Chapter where he served as President, works to secure chapter programming, helps coordinate the chapter golf outing and more.

On the national level, Sherrill served in all officer roles including two years as the CCAI National president. Sherrill joined CCAI 18 years ago in 1996 and is considered to be one of the leaders who helped CCAI become the industry's leading educational association. Stoenner comments, "This award was totally unexpected and is one of the greatest honors I have, or will receive, in my lifetime. I will cherish it forever. This award was only made possible with the help of my good business friends at CCAI who have supported me and the association over the years. I would like to thank all of them for the help they have provided throughout my career in finishing."

2013 - Jim Docken, Twin Cities Chapter

During its Annual Awards luncheon, CCAI presented Jim Docken of DuBois Chemicals with its highest honor, The James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award. Jim was recognized for his years of dedicated service to CCAI; in fact, he is CCAI's longest continuous member ever! He has been a member since 1977, has served his chapter, Twin Cities, as their Treasurer for 20 years!!!!

Jim also served on the chapter Executive, Golf, & Symposium Committees over the years. Additionally, Jim has served on the CCAI National Board for 9 years and continues to serve on the Custom Coaters Committee for National. CCAI is fortunate to have his commitment as a member and a leader. Jim was touched by the award, "It's a great honor to be chosen among so many dedicated members."

2012 - Bruce Bryan, Northern Illinois Chapter

At the 2012 CCAI Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Bruce Bryan of Mighty Hook was presented with the James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award. Bruce was recognized for his years of dedicated service to CCAI serving as the Northern Illinois Chapter president and treasurer, as a National Board Director and National President, and for contributions to many CCAI technical conferences and publications over the years. Bruce is a 24-year member of CCAI, joining in 1988.

"CCAI has been influential throughout my career. It has helped me to become more knowledgeable about the our industry and has also put me in touch with truly inspiring people Over the years, the CCAI family (local and national) has had a positive impact on me and my family. We have all enjoyed the development of meaningful professional and personal relationships. Although you normally get out of something what you put into it, CCAI has had a far more significant impact on me than I have had on this great association. I am honored and humbled by the recognition as a James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award recipient."

2011 - Tom McCardle

During its Annual Awards luncheon, CCAI announced Tom McCardle as the first posthumous winner of its highest honor, The James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement award. Tom's award was accepted by his son, Dennis McCardle of Kolene Corporation, Dennis's wife Pam, Tom's son-in-law John Cole of Parker Ionics, and longtime colleague Jim Malloy of Kolene. Tom was recognized for his years of service to CCAI serving on the National Board and as National President. Tom was instrumental in hiring Anne Goyer as CCAI's Executive Director in the late 1980s when then Executive Director Matt Heuertz retired.

"My family is truly touched that CCAI has given its highest award to my dad," says Dennis McCardle. "I am fortunate to be able to work at a company where I am reminded of his talents and influences every day. When we presented the award to my mother, my brother and sister and I knew it would be very emotional. She wished you could have been there to share in our celebration as my father would have been very proud of this award. Dad was always thinking so far ahead; I am sure he would be thrilled at how far CCAI has come, but I truly think he saw what it could be. Thank you again for this wonderful honor of my father and his work."

2010 - Dave Wright, Wisconsin Chapter

Dave Wright received the James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award named for his father, for his years of dedication and service at both the national and chapter level. Dave has served CCAI in every role imaginable. he has served on both the chapter and national boards of directors, including terms as President on both. He's served on various committees throughout the years and he still serves the Wisconsin chapter as Secretary/Treasurer sending out monthly meeting notices, collecting registrations and working to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Larry Melgary of Northern Coatings & Chemicals points out that "Dave Wright has been the glue of the Wisconsin chapter and his commitment to both the chapter and national CCAI has helped both prosper and grow over the years. We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for Dave Wright.

2009 - Phil Ruggiero, Twin Cities Chapter

Phil Ruggiero joined CCAI as a member of the Twin Cities Chapter in 1990 and quickly became active in the Twin Cities Board. He served as TC Board President for two years and assisted in putting together monthly meetings and all day symposiums. In 1994 Phil was elected to the CCAI National Board and served for 9 years, including 2 years as Treasurer and President. Currently the TC Chapter Coordinator, Phil manages the chapter membership and mail lists, sends out meeting notices, takes meeting reservations and publishes the chapter's quarterly newsletter. According to Phil, "Like most people who volunteer their services in an organization such as CCAI, I always got more out of it than I put in. The extended friendships, networking opportunities and learning experiences were invaluable to me."

2008 - (co-winners) Larry Melgary & George Bryant, Wisconsin Chapter

Larry Melgary joined CCAI in 1979. He has filled many rolls in the Wisconsin Chapter including Board Member, President, Scholarship Chairman and Program Chair. On the National Board level Larry has served as President from 1995 - 1997, the Scholarship Chairman, Educational Committee Chair, Chapter Affairs Committee Chair, Marketing Committee Chair, Chairman of Emerging Technologies since 1999 and represents CCAI at EPA-ETV and ASTM agency meetings. According to Larry, "Of all the organizations I have belonged to over the years, CCAI is the most rewarding in that our mission is to give back to our industry through providing educational based meetings and great networking for every member to have unlimited access to be successful. It's a great opportunity for me to give back to the industry that has been my career choice since 1963."


2007 - Jim Malloy, Unaffiliated

Jim Malloy started his involvement with CCAI on the National Board level. It was 1988 and his boss was on the CCAI National Board and could not fulfill his term, so he suggested that Jim take it over. With the exception of a year or so, Jim have been involved on the National level with the board ever since. "It has been an extremely gratifying experience working with CCAI members over the years, and in some small way, helping to shape the focus of the organization," says Jim. "I'm involved in a number of industries beyond surface finishing, and find the caliber of our membership to be the finest group of professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. What began as professional relationships with other members early on quickly became personal friendships. It's a rare opportunity to experience professional growth, contribute to a market that is important to you, and enjoy it at the same time. CCAI provides its members this rare environment in its local chapters and at national events."

2006 - Bob Warren, West Michigan Chapter

Bob has been a member of CCAI for 30 years. As a member of the West Michigan chapter he has served on the board as a director, a secretary and 25 years as treasurer. Bob has been a dedicated member of the association and has served on the CCAI National Board for 15 years and as President (1990-91), Treasurer (1991-1992 and 1996-1997). Bob was named Supplier of the Year from West Michigan and National Supplier of the year in 1992/1993, and West Michigan Supplier of the year in 2003/2004. In 1988 and 1994, Bob was part of the team that brought the National CCAI Coating Shows to Grand Rapids, Michigan and provided his expertise as a conference speaker during the 1994 show. According to Bob, "Being a part of CCAI provided me with professional growth through the educational meetings and networking. Its encouraged me to become a professional in our industry and an asset to my customers and employers. I have made lifelong friends through CCAI. The highlight from this journey was to receive the first "James F. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award". I thank all of my friends who traveled along with me on that passage."