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Presentations - Paint System Support Seminar
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DI/RO Water
Brian Underhill & Joe Caudill, Fliers Quality Water Systems
8:00 – 8:45

Flier's has designed and built some of North America's best engineered commercial water purification systems.

For over 20 years Flier's Quality Water Systems, Inc. has been a trusted name for custom commercial water purification systems, commercial water softeners, industrial treatment equipment, supplies and service maintenance. We work directly with end users, mechanical contractors, estimators, and engineering firms. Our projects include new construction and refurbishment applications.

Brian Underhill, Sales/Applications Engineer - Brian holds a BS degree from Grand Valley State University. He has been working in the purified water industry for over 17 years. Brian has experience in the service, installation, and design of purified water equipment in many industries. He presently works in sales concentrating on growing Flier's business in mid and southeast Michigan.

Joe Caudill, Sales - Joe has been working in the purified water industry for 18 years. Before that Joe also has experience working in the medical field as a biomed technician. Joe has vast experience in all facets of ultra pure water industry including service and sales of equipment. He presently work in sales concentrating on west Michigan.

Rack Stripping
Ed Dombrowski, Industrial Metal Cleaning Corp.
8:45 – 9:30

Ed will review Rack Cleaning options and the pros and cons of each option, and the importance of Secondary Cleaning.  He will also cover burnoff ovens, the differences between manufacturers and the principles of operation.

ED Dombrowski is a Graduate Engineer from Michigan State University.  He is founder and current owner/President of The Industrial Metal Cleaning Corporation.

IMCC has been in business for over 30 years with experience in many process used in the metal cleaning industry including Parts Washing, Chemical Stripping, Media Blasting, Shot Blasting, Rust Removal and Burnoff.

Dirt Analysis
Kevin Lockwood, Paint Performance Consulting
9:45 – 11:00

Kevin will be covering paint defects and how to recognize them and where they may originate.

Kevin Lockwood, Paint Performance Consulting, has a B.S. in Chemistry from Adrian College. After college Kevin worked at Cook Coatings (BASF) as a chemical technician and was promoted to analytical chemist analyzing problems and resins for coatings. He became one of the founding members of the BASF Dirt Team for the Automotive Coatings Group. Kevin received his training for the BASF Dirt Team from Germany, at the Ford-Valencia assembly plant in Spain, in the BASF Laboratory in Münster, and at the University of Münster, Germany. His career continued at the Technical Services Group of Premier Manufacturing Support Services (a company specializing in cleaning paint shops), where He helped set up Paint Defect Analysis and Reduction Programs for their automotive customers. 

In April of 2001, Kevin started his own consulting and training company, Paint Performance Consulting.

Kevin has done Paint Defect Analysis and Training projects at literally hundreds of automotive assembly and parts manufacturing paint shops for the global automotive, aerospace, sports equipment, eyeglass, and furniture industries.  The Paint Defect Analysis techniques he teaches are used by hundreds of paint defect analysts daily.

Compressed Air
Charlie Sterken, Air Components
11:00 – 11:45     

This presentation will cover compressed air basics and best practices relating to painting.  Learn about the process steps required provide high quality, clean air to your finishing operation.  We will also discuss basic trouble shooting to allow you to work with your Maintenance department in solving compressed air problems.

Charlie Sterken works in the Sales Department at TMI Compressed Air Systems, Inc.  He has helped design, implement, and support hundreds of compressed air systems throughout West Michigan over the last 5 years.  He has worked with many customers to help improve their compressed air system as it relates to air quality, efficiency, and reliability. 

Performance Testing
Helen Xiang, Intertek
12:30 – 1:15       

Dr. Xiang has been with Intertek for over 10 years and is currently a Department Manager overseeing Materials, VOC and Photometrics testing at the Grand Rapids location. She received her Ph.D degree in Material Science & Engineering from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and her technical expertise includes material processing, characterization, testing, and failure analysis.  For chemical coatings, her team specializes in evaluating coatings for their resistances to corrosion and degradation through simulated environmental and weathering exposures, adhesion/abrasion/mechanical tests, chemical analysis, coating thickness measurement, and failure analysis to identify the causes to coating defects.

Test Lab Tour
Bryan Stratton, Intertek
1:15 – 2:30

Bryan Stratton, Senior Operations Manager, oversees both the Intertek Detroit and Grand Rapids testing facilities.  Stratton has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management.  He has been involved in multiple aspects of standards development across the testing industry for the last decade and authored various articles and technical papers focused on testing and certification.  Stratton also sits on the Standards Development Committee of the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA). He can be reached at or 616–656–7416.

Material Handling
Rolly Wolford, Mighty Lube
2:45 – 3:30

The presentation will cover conveyor cleaning, how to keep your conveyor clean and options to reduce dirt and contamination on your product.  Rolly will also discuss options for "clean” lubricant selection and ways to prevent build up on your conveyor.  How much lubrication is required?  What can be done to extend your conveyor life?

Rolly Wolford is the VP Sales at Mighty Lube and has been there for 31 years.  He holds extensive experience in the areas of conveyor cleaning, lubrication and wear monitoring.  Also, he is experienced in design and building of cleaning and lubrication systems for special applications in a variety of industries including, transportation, furniture, agricultural, recreational vehicles and food.

Surface Coating - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
Bruce Connell, Environmental Partners
3:30 – 4:15

The presentation will address federal coating standards and what they generally contain.  There are over 164 NESHAP standards of which approximately 25 focus on various types of coatings (printing, plastic parts coating, metal parts coating, plating, wood furniture, etc.).  So, I don’t want to focus on any one specific standard but want to make the attendees understand what the standards typically contain so that they are aware that it’s more than just a HAP content restriction.

Bruce Connell is a principal at Environmental Partners, Inc. and has specialized in environmental air quality assessment and consulting for 34 years.  Mr. Connell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University.  He specializes in assisting manufacturing facilities with maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations, stack testing, state and federal air permitting, environmental reporting, and enforcement litigation support.  He has managed environmental air projects for such industries as automotive parts manufacturing, coal fired power plants, municipal landfills, lithographic printing, metal finishing, wood furniture manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer product, asphalt production, fiberglass boat manufacturing, gasoline terminal distribution, and ethanol manufacturing, with a special emphasis on automotive plastic parts coating operations.